In a series of articles, Alastair Burns and John Cummins explore some of the
key ideas that will drive the future of the insurance industry.

Article 1:  ‘Binding to Processing in a Heartbeat’

This first article looks at how computable contracting will minimise post-bind processing activities by changing the way in which brokers are supported in their role by emerging contracting technologies. 

Article 2 Part 1: Exploring the Future Technology Landscape for Insurance

This second article explores how the technology environment is likely to evolve over the next ten years or so. It serves to provoke thinking while envisioning how computable contracts might fit into the insurance landscape. As such, it is concerned with what the technological future in insurance will look like, as well as some indications as to how we might get there.

Article 2 Part 2: Exploring the Future Technology Landscape for Insurance

This is the second installment of Article 2. Enjoy!

Article 3: Future Portfolio Management for Specialty Insurance

This third article emphasises that portfolio management for insurance rests upon a solid data architecture. This is also emphasised in the recent report from Willis Towers Watson on ‘Portfolio Management in the London Market’. In this article we suggest that computable contracting is the pivotal element in unlocking the future of accurate and speedy portfolio decision-making. We also suggest having a go at building a knowledge graph.

Article 4: Standards for the London Insurance Market

This fourth and final article in this Axiome series seeks to shed light on the standards needed for a digital future. It seeks to describe standards in a broader context, and to emphasise that standards have as much to do with creation as they have to do with form. We suggest that computable contracting – representing contracts in a digital form with inherent structure and logic – will catalyse the move towards a properly digitised world-leading insurance market.