Axiome Partners is a digital insurance start up, founded in 2020 by Alastair Burns and John Cummins. 

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John Cummins

With a strong science and technology background and for over two decades, John Cummins has led a diverse range of innovative initiatives in collaboration with universities and companies. In recent years, he co-founded the Legal Technology Laboratory in the US to bring lawyers and computer scientists together on cutting-edge legal tech projects. Most recently, and in collaboration with UCL and a range of other organisations, John has undertaken pioneering work in the area of next-generation, digital contracting, also becoming known as ‘computable contracting’. John has a wealth of experience in computational modelling and information science, much of which was gained through his direct involvement in R&D projects, mainly in the fields of engineering science and manufacturing automation.

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Alastair Burns

With over thirty years’ experience in the US, European and London insurance market, holding roles across the insurance value chain, Alastair has led business and functions that have served Global brands through to individual consumers. His interest in technology and associated data issues have been ever present, from the early EPS eTrading efforts of the London market, through to the design of context aware travel insurance products for the mobile telephone companies. His most recent role drew him into the detail of the Future at Lloyd’s, and with it a new understanding of what will really be required for the insurance market place to achieve it’s goals of true client centricity at a sustainably acceptable cost base.