White Paper on ‘Automating Reinsurance through Computable Contracting’ by John Cummins

With funding from the Lighthill Risk Network and steered by Dickie Whitaker, CEO of the Oasis Loss Modelling Framework, an industrial research project was undertaken by John Cummins in 2019/2020 to look at the application of computable contracting to the (re)insurance industry. In what is considered a visionary piece of work, the digital future of the insurance industry is mapped out in detail.

Journal Publication (Pre-print) on ‘Transforming Commercial Contracts through Computable Contracting’ by John Cummins and Christopher Clack

As an Innovator in Residence and Honorary Research Fellow at UCL’s Computer Science Department, John Cummins worked with Chris Clack (UCL’s Centre for Blockchain Technology) on a paper that describes computable contracting in the context of contract automation, as well as the considerations for successful implementation of computable contracting approaches.

White Paper on ‘Developing a Legal Specification Protocol: Technological Considerations and Requirements’ by Professor Oliver Goodenough

Oliver Goodenough is a prominent thought leader in the area of computable contracts. This general paper on specifying a protocol for the law that underpins greater computability was undertaken in collaboration with Codex at Stanford University and was also supported by the Legal Technology Laboratory (