Today, Tomorrow and a Digital Roadmap

Axiome Partners takes you on a journey from the insurance technology
landscape of today to a vision of tomorrow as well as a roadmap for
getting there.

Platforms and Players across the Insurance Value Chain – The Landscape of Today

A variety of process-oriented platforms sit at the heart of the insurance value chain.

The lack of interoperability and the dominance of unstructured data means that same data is often entered several times into more than one system.

As a ‘dumb’ document, the contract itself is an afterthought in pdf form.

Computable Contracting at the Centre of the Value Chain – The Landscape of Tomorrow

In a ‘data-first’ environment a computable contract is the ‘commander’ at the heart of the insurance value chain.

Guided by next-generation standards, low-code contract builders will produce digital contracts that are readable by humans and computers.

The process-plug-ins (and platforms) feed into and are fed by the computable contract.


Envisioning a Digital Roadmap for the Insurance Industry

Realising the vision of next-generation digital insurance through computable contracting will involve step-wise improvements over several years.

Importantly, steps will be taken that are headed in the right direction, and investments will not be wasted.